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About Us

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At Muse & Gordon, we're more than strategic consultants, we're architects of your business's future. Our expertise lies in transforming your vision into tangible growth, crafting pathways of success that set new industry benchmarks. We don't just respond to market trends, we anticipate and shape them.


Imagine a partnership that elevates your goals into strategic masterpieces, turning aspirations into achievements that resonate across your industry. Our approach intertwines your unique mission with our innovative thinking, leading your business on a journey of unparalleled transformation.

Our Services

Whether outsourcing some of your management capabilities or expanding your marketing functions, our combined expertise works to help your business grow.

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Creative & Content

It’s never been more important to capture the interest and imagination of your audience. That's why we're dedicated to providing creative thinking and compelling ideas that are needed to inspire engagement.

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Demand Generation

With our end-to-end services you can build marketing campaigns aimed at specific industries, accounts, and personas. Each one is designed to provide the outcomes needed to stimulate engagement with your ideal customer profiles.

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Account Based Marketing

From digging up account-specific intelligence to crafting the kinds of campaign assets that really turn heads, Muse & Gordon has the know-how needed to turn your ABM plans into dependable results.

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Channel Partner Services

At Muse & Gordon, we understand that strong relationships are the key to channel success. That’s why our services are geared toward helping you build and maintain those relationships, while giving partners the tools they need to succeed.

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Generative AI / ChatGPT Consulting

We're here to help you navigate the latest AI capabilities, including ChatGPT, by providing a guided experience using current AI tools to generate answers to your most complex challenges.

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Get Started Today

We believe that a business with a great marketing team can make an impact on the world. Take the first step and contact us. Together, we will reach your goals.


Find out what client are saying about us.

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We needed a professional and strategic presentation for investors. Muse and Gordon created a deck that impressed the audience and delivered our unique message.

james s.
CEO - Seattle, Washington

We had a small budget, Muse and Gordon tailored a marketing plan that was specific to our needs.

renee w.
Director of Marketing - Chicago, Illinois

Muse and Gordon created a marketing plan that outperformed our expectations.

andon a.
COO - Denver, Colorado

The creative marketing content allowed our company to stand above the competition.

andrew k.
Chief Marketing Officer - Seattle, Washington

Core Values

Our fundamental purpose is to empower our clients, emboldening them to sculpt unparalleled realms of value. Through this partnership, we aspire to not only reshape but elevate the very benchmarks of excellence inherent to our respective fields.

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Passion & Dedication

We possess an unwavering passion for driving results that align harmoniously with our clients' triumphs. We hold steadfast to the utmost standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, demonstrating our dedication to each endeavor.

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Honesty & Collaboration

Embedded in our core is an unyielding commitment to intellectual honesty. We communicate candidly and straightforwardly, embracing the courage to convey truths. We embrace the notion that current convictions are open to challenge and growth.

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Pragmatic Innovators

We seamlessly integrate audacious ideas with a pragmatic ethos. Our approach is centered on tangible outcomes, as we fervently translate strategic choices into impactful actions, consistently delivering results that resonate.

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Unified Synergy

We operate as a cohesive and embolden force—both amongst ourselves and in partnership with our clients. This unified synergy propels our collective drive towards achieving the remarkable.

When it comes to delivering results, relationships matter.

At Muse & Gordon, our ultimate goal is to create something bigger, deeper, and more long-term than a transaction or click-through.  We work extra hard to create meaningful, lasting relationships; the kind where we all win.

Let’s create things better together.