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At Muse & Gordon Consulting, we champion dreamers in their pursuit of the unparalleled.

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We're drawn to partners and clients who challenge their perceived boundaries, possessing the zeal to lead and the valor to evolve.

Countless testimonials echo a singular sentiment: there's an unmistakable Muse & Gordon essence. Why? It's our symbiotic methodology driven by a fervent squad genuinely vested in our client's victories.

We infuse every collaboration with renewed zeal and boundless vitality. Our core values of unity, integrity, and respect for diverse viewpoints empower clients to spotlight their prospects, hone their strengths, and seize their destined future. Hand in hand, we craft outcomes that harmonize the present's realities with tomorrow's potential.

Where drive meets innovation, where openness fosters alliance, and where obstacles transform into joint triumphs. We're the vanguard consultancy for today's trailblazers aiming to sculpt the horizon. Walking shoulder to shoulder with our clientele, we operate with a singular vision: crafting monumental results, eclipsing competitors, and charting untapped terrains. We amalgamate our bespoke, holistic prowess with a pulsating network of digital pioneers to yield swifter, lasting achievements.

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Integrated Upstream Marketing Solutions

We help clients solve complex business challenges via upstream marketing and the principles of insight, identity and innovation. Upstream marketing refers to the strategic process of identifying and fulfilling customer needs, and takes place early in developing a market segmentation map and then aligning which customer segments to focus on.



To achieve competitive advantage through a deeper level of customer understanding.



To create marketing strategies and plans to optimally position the business and brand.



To drive growth through new products & services via innovation strategy, process and enablers.

Market Principles & Differentiators

As a leading management consulting firm, we have successfully employed these principles to help develop, grow and manage dozens of brands and businesses, across a diverse set of issues.

Market-Driven Principles Set the Stage

While each client situation is unique, our work is guided time-tested principles, from which innovative strategies and plans emerge:

Clearly define target customers and their needs through the application of customer segmentation, market research and analysis.

Build a deep and shared understanding of the business and brand and ensure consistent delivery across all customer touchpoints (e.g., product development, sales, marketing, social media, etc.).

Selectively extend the core business via new markets, new channels and new products/services.

Manage innovation against strategic growth opportunity areas, applying strategic, operational and financial screens to facilitate decision-making.

Fully execute on the market-driven strategies through integrated awareness-building, customer acquisition and retention programs.

Muse & Gordon Differentiators

Our clients tell us the following sets us apart vs. other management consultants. Muse & Gordon ...

Employs a market-driven approach, to ensure decision-making is based on marketplace perspectives.

Known for crafting uniquely disruptive strategies tailored to each client’s specific industry and needs, positioning themselves as a bespoke consultancy firm in a field of standardized approaches.

Team members bring a broad and diverse set of skills to the table, including classic agency/marketing, strategic consulting and executive management skills

The firm’s professionals have successfully launched, positioned and repositioned dozens of brands, across consumer products, healthcare, financial services, technology and other categories.

Uses a collaborative approach that streamlines project timelines, facilitates internal buy-in and results in skills transference.

Operates more efficiently, resulting in one of the strongest value propositions in the industry.

When it comes to delivering results, relationships matter.

Our aim is deliver high value, high-performance solutions that generate measurable successes 100% of the time. As the needs of the marketplace evolve so will our strategies, tactics, products, and services.

Let’s create things better together.