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We immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding every user’s journey from awareness to advocacy.

Successful Marketing

Connects and Motivates, Stirs Emotions, and Creates 1:1 Relationships

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In an era where every brand vies for attention, M&G redefines engagement. Our unique blend of analytical rigor, creative brilliance, and narrative magic transforms your B2B communications into memorable encounters. We believe in the power of human connection, crafting campaigns that not only stand out but resonate on a deeply personal level.

With our award-winning expertise, we navigate the cluttered ad landscape to spotlight your message, leveraging multi-channel prowess to ensure your investment delivers maximum impact. Elevate your brand to a level of unforgettable experiences that convert.

Content Development

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Campaign Video

Nothing engages better — whether it’s creating net new or refining existing footage. Campaign videos are an efficient way to create short form content highlighting your unique value to a specific audience. No longer cost-prohibitive, we can help you integrate video into your content stack. Remote video production can help cut content development time from months to weeks and more quickly receive legal approval.

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Emails, Solution Briefs, Case Studies & eGuides

We have the ability to digest complex technology and create messaging pieces that help customers understand your unique value proposition. By interviewing your product or account managers, we will quickly develop a framework, and craft a draft for you to verify and edit. We then add graphics to your branding guidelines, prepare final documents to leverage. You get source files for any future needs.

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Research Surveys

By leveraging online surveys, we help you glean input from your target audience and generate “findings” that are relevant and meaningful to your audience. You will discover low-hanging leads, and be able to create a research document to leverage for papers, webinars and public relations (PR).

Creative Experiences

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Design for Emotion

Our design process starts with understanding your audience — the buyer persona, and what keeps ’em up at night. By taking an educational approach, your customers will view you as an old friend, and a trusted advisor. A consistent voice will get you noticed, build rapport, and create an emotional bond with your audience — whatever the media. Building widespread recognition and preference takes forethought, insight, and persistence. When done effectively brand perception develops, and is coordinated and deployed among frequent, multiple touchpoint campaigns across many media.

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Messaging that Educates

Discovering the right voice is no trick. It is a process, but it is not a science. It is experience and intuition, feeling, understanding, careful research, careful analysis, and most of all it is listening. Listening to many customers, employees, and competitors, then looking for the threads that integrate rapid recognition, acceptance, and approval. Each message is then delivered in character and appropriately to each decision maker and their influencers.

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Consistent Deliverables

From digital to collateral to 1:1 high response direct marketing — we ensure there’s a visual and content red thread that ties your campaign components together to build overall awareness and deliver measurable results.


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In working with Muse & Gordon to staff a product marketing role, I was impressed by the level of commitment to finding the right candidate, the dedication they provided us, the attention to details, and the number of excellent candidates presented. We worked with three different recruiters for this role, and Muse & Gordon - hands down - presented the best candidates. I had full trust they were on top of the process and dedicated to our getting what we needed. I recommend and would definitely work with them again.

STACEY M. - VP Product Marketing
Redmond, Washington

Working with Michael and team at M&G Consulting has given our organization a boost in our story telling, strategic thinking, marketing materials, and branding strategy. They are enthusiastic about our mission, do excellent work, and bring years of experience to help us continue scaling our impact around the world.

GREG S. - Director of Marketing
Los Angeles, California

Working with Muse & Gordon has been a delight. After having some in-depth discussions about who our target demographic was and fine tuning the campaigns to match that, we have been in a great groove and have seen some wonderful results. To date, we’re looking at over a 10x return on investment, which is something we’re glad to continue indefinitely.

DENNIS F. - VP Business Development
Seattle, Washington

From the start, the team at Muse & Gordon focused on understanding our needs and challenges. I trust them to deliver outstanding creative concepts that drive our strategic goals forward. What’s more, working with them is a pleasure — the lines of communication are always open and blissfully jargon-free.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When it comes to delivering results, relationships matter.

At Muse & Gordon, our ultimate goal is to create something bigger, deeper, and more long-term than a transaction or click-through.  We work extra hard to create meaningful, lasting relationships; the kind where we all win.

Let’s create things better together.