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Exceeding Expectations with Excellence – Your Success, Our Mission.

No project too big. No detail to small.

Occasionally a super challenging project comes along and you suddenly find yourself thinking, “Wow. We need some serious help here.” When that happens, you can rely on M&G to save the day.

Managed Business Services

Partner with us to align your teams on their highest priorities

Adaptable & Expandable Service Solutions

We will help you evaluate your existing workflows and future ambitions to pinpoint discrepancies and determine the precise intensity and varieties of services essential for your distinct business objectives.

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Strategies & Execution Management

Personalized and fully scalable to boost your operations. Custom SLAs, KPI oversight, risk readiness, capacity optimization, insightful updates, client engagements, compliance adherence, and clear communication protocols form the core of our offerings, ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds its operational objectives.

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Premium Value-Add Services

Our journey begins with a specialized Center of Excellence support process, guiding clients through comprehensive Transaction Oversight and meticulous Contract & Documentation Controls. We integrate tailored solutions that are industry agnostic, ensuring perfect alignment with our client business outcomes.

Specialized Services For Projects & Role Based Needs

Full project teams or individual contributors to support your specific business initiatives:
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Resources Scalability & Alignment

We will provide your business with personalized support tailored to evaluate your project's scope, address specific core and talent skillset requirements, qualifications, and ensure a match with your work culture. Our approach guarantees the timely provision of validated consultants, leveraging the M&G Staffing 360 Framework and effective supplier partnerships for optimal alignment.

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Delivery Optimization & Execution

Tailored services that focus on rigorously ensuring compliance with the Statement of Work (SOW), implementing our Delivery 360 Process, and conducting thorough Performance Quality Reviews. By leveraging industry agnostic delivery expertise, innovative tools and processes, we enhance project outcomes and operational efficiencies, setting a new standard for excellence in delivery.

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Boutique Contractor Services

We take pride in our contractor services that are crafted to uphold the highest standards in Process Compliance, manage and adhere to Scorecards meticulously, ensure optimal System Management, and enforce stringent Quality Management practices. These pillars are essential to our approach, guaranteeing superior project outcomes and personalized service excellence.

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Streamlined Onboarding Processes

We take the time and due diligence necessary in streamlining the onboarding processes to establish clear expectations, grant access to necessary resources and tools, and maintain a compliance-driven approach. Through regular check-ins, guidance, roadblock and risk mitigation, and adherence to client-specific requirements, our process is finely tuned for precise performance tracking and measurement, ensuring a seamless transition from the start.


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In working with Muse & Gordon to staff a product marketing role, I was impressed by the level of commitment to finding the right candidate, the dedication they provided us, the attention to details, and the number of excellent candidates presented. We worked with three different recruiters for this role, and Muse & Gordon - hands down - presented the best candidates. I had full trust they were on top of the process and dedicated to our getting what we needed. I recommend and would definitely work with them again.

STACEY M. - VP Product Marketing
Redmond, Washington

Working with Michael and team at M&G Consulting has given our organization a boost in our story telling, strategic thinking, marketing materials, and branding strategy. They are enthusiastic about our mission, do excellent work, and bring years of experience to help us continue scaling our impact around the world.

GREG S. - Director of Marketing
Los Angeles, California

Working with Muse & Gordon has been a delight. After having some in-depth discussions about who our target demographic was and fine tuning the campaigns to match that, we have been in a great groove and have seen some wonderful results. To date, we’re looking at over a 10x return on investment, which is something we’re glad to continue indefinitely.

DENNIS F. - VP Business Development
Seattle, Washington

From the start, the team at Muse & Gordon focused on understanding our needs and challenges. I trust them to deliver outstanding creative concepts that drive our strategic goals forward. What’s more, working with them is a pleasure — the lines of communication are always open and blissfully jargon-free.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When it comes to delivering results, relationships matter.

At Muse & Gordon, our ultimate goal is to create something bigger, deeper, and more long-term than a transaction or click-through.  We work extra hard to create meaningful, lasting relationships; the kind where we all win.

Let’s create things better together.