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Jordan - Love Campaign

Jordan Love 2

How do you celebrate Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA and his ensuing third retirement to older fans while justifying his legendary status to younger fans who only saw him as an average player?


All you need is Love. We created a campaign based on the fact that MJ was the only athlete to have a ‘Love of the game’ clause in every one of his NBA contracts. It stated that regardless of time or place MJ could play basketball whenever he felt the urge. It’s an inner passion all athletes share. Simple and big!

Campaign Execution:

The campaign launched in the top five major retail Brand Jordan markets using targeted outdoor media. We then took it national leveraging television, consumer magazine print, newspaper, outdoor, interactive, long and short documentary films entailed ‘Jordan Love Stories.’ We also created experiential events like a traveling Brand Jordan museum and a Love Concert. We even had athletes write ‘Love Letters’ to their respective sport and published them. The campaign ended up being the most successful campaign in Brand Jordan’s history and even garnered several awards.

Jordan Love 2
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